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Playa del Carmen

Beautiful barbies in Mexico

-17 °C

I have had so much to do that I haven’t had much time to write ;)
Ill get better i promise. The first imformation meeting about the study was good.
The teacher is really nice, and the study (hotel and resort management) seems really interesting! Its terrible hot here! Thank God for air-condition. Im sharing room with a girl called Line, and in the other room two girls from Florøe(Norway) called Alise and Ann Kristin. They are studying Philosophy :)

We are enjoying our selfe in our shock- green apartment. We eat dinner together in the week days, and run into each other in our busy days ;) Study, beach, bars/party, salas… etc… theres a lot to do ;)

P9070610.jpg Linnea swedish beach babe ;)

Our school is close to the main street 5 Ave. The street is full of life night and day. With 45 Norwegian girls walking in it everyday Its probably even more busy than before. Comments fall as we walk past the stores…
“Hello beautiful barbie`s... ;) ;) ;) are you looking for mexican boyfriends? hello miss moviestar.... hehey.... wooooow looking fine.. come in to my store beautiful barbie...."
Mostly just funny, but gets annoying after some time.

Thursday we were invited to a party at the “sky bar”. Two free cocktails ;)
Life looks promising in Playa

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Travelling from Norway to Mexico

Playa del Carmen here I come!

-17 °C

I’m Kine, a 20 year old Norwegian girl who has lived many years in Spain. I’m going to Mexico, Playa del Carmen to study Hotel and Resort management and Spanish. Ive been writing my blogs in Norwegian, but have noticed that many people have been on my blog. Since they probably don’t understand anything of all this Norwegian crap I have decided to write one in English aswell. Im sure my friends who aren’t Norwegian will be happy too hehe… ;)
Here I go…

The 3 of September was a very busy day! Around 8 I said goodbye to the family I had lived with all summer while working at the restaurant Steakers in Oslo, Norway. My first step on the way towards Playa Del Carmen, Mexico was a taxi to Oslo S. (The train station in Oslo) It was a bit complicated with two big bags on wheels. It went okay if I don’t count the episode where I lost my balance in the escalator and fell over a poor Chinese guy who was talking in the telephone. Hehe… it must have looked very funny.

Tired at Gardemoen airport at 05.00 I meet two of my future fellow students. I had already met Line, my future roommate in Mexico. We checked in and got through the first of many, many hand-luggage controls. At last in our first airplane. We landed in Copenhagen and were running to check out and in again out luggage.
Me in Copenhagen

The airplane from Atlanta was delayed 3 hours so we had time to eat a proper lunch in Copenhagen. It was possible we would lose the plane from Atlanta to Cancun, but apparently nobody could tell us before we got to Atlanta… The flight with Delta was really comfortable. Shrek 3, and Spiderman 3 was shown, we got plenty of drinks, food and snacks. I read “By the river Pidra I sat down and wept” by Paulo Coelho. Beautiful book. :)

Delta airlines had found out we were 55 students traveling with them and it would be a lot of work for them to put us in hotels, arrange new flights etc so they had held the plane for us!!! =D We ran through Atlanta airport with a looooong stop at costumes! It took time and we were all very happy to sit down in the airplane. Probably not as happy as all the people who had been stuck in there waiting for us… but still… we were happy ;) My luggage was of course missing, but it didn’t matter! Im in Mexico! Walking out of Cancun airport the heat hit us so hard we lost our breath! Oh my god! So hot! We were greeted by our two professors who guided us to the bus.
First when I entered the bus I realized how many we had been traveling with! 55 people is many people ;)

It was so nice to lay down in my bed after the long travel, a nice shower and getting over the shock than our living room is extremely GREEN!


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