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Adventure with AllTourNative

My jungle trip

-17 °C

It was a Thursday and all the turism students looked a bit unhappy as Ernesto told them with a smile that they had to be waiting outside the school at 6.45 the next morning. Ernesto works with marketing at AllTourNative, an ecotourism company who arrange adventure trips in the jungle. They work with the Maya Indians. He had a lecture about AllTourNative, what they offer and about ecotourism. They give you “Culture, Adventure and Nature”

6.45 the next morning 55 tired students were waiting outside the school. The alltournative minibuses were filled up, and we headed for the jungle. We had a stop at the alltournative-base for cookies and something to drink. Our guide was… was… hmhm… Elias! : ) That was his name! He was sooo funny hehe... nobody else had a guide who played N*Sync, sang Bon Jovi and played pretend drums to Metallica while driving us around.

The first thing we had to do was strip down to bikinis and shoes. Jupp it looked a bit special, but if you are in the jungle you are in the jungle! We were told not to touch the trees and to look out for tarantellas! Brrr…

Our first big adventure was to swim in a centote with the name ”Jaguar” Its got its name because the light that fall into the centote, looks like two eyes. First we were “showered” This was a bucket of water over our heads… The guide thought this was veeery funny to do and after having done that to all 11 he was ready to get us down in the cenote… without having a shower himself! The injustice stood very clear to the 10 Norwegian students and their Mexican assisting teacher Diana. After we had attacked him with water, we were ready to go ;) Line was first woman out. It was about 10 meters down to the water surface, and 25 meters from the water surface to the bottom.

Me on the way down

A more classy Diana ;)

We climbed about 3 meters up the mountain side and dived into the fresh water.
Our guide, Elias, told us the Mayas thru their dead bodies down in some of the centoes, and in this one they had found skeleton’s… They thought the souls lived in the cenotes until they were reborn. Up again we stood in a ring while a Maya priest did a cleaning ritual on us since we had been down in a holy centoe. He held a big wooden cup with burning/smoking herbs up in front of our faces while he said a prayer.

Newly cleaned we keep on walking through the jungle to the next experience. Zip lining. I don’t know how far down it was...? 20 meters? 30? Far enough anyway!
With av lovly yellow helmet on our heads we flew over a lake.

Daniel in Mission Impossible style

The canoe was pretty boring… It was slightly scary that there were crocodiles in the lake, but we didn’t see any. On our way to Coba we did! I’ve been in a canoe on a lake with crocodiles! Wow ;)



A little Maya course

Maya- English- Spansk
Bix a k’aaba = Whats your name = Como te llamas
Dios bo’otik = thank you = gracias
Mixba’al = no problem = de nada
Bix yanilech = How are you = como estas

We had Maya food for dinner :) It was chicken, tortillas, rice, salsas, soup, and for those who don’t like that... spaghetti ;) We relaxed 15 minutes in a hammock (sooo nice ) before we left for Coba.

Coba used to be a big Maya city. Now its in ruins, but walking around there, no to say climb the pyramid, you can really imagine how it must have been. We had a little Maya man guide. In his special English we told us we now had the name ”rabbit group”. He was very small : ) We were told Coba is built around to big lakes and the area is 80 km2. They think Coba had 50 000 inhabitants before Spain with the conquistador Hernan Cortes started to concur Mexico in 1519.

Our little Maya guide

It was a bit far to Nohoch Mul, the pyramid we can climb. You could walk, rent a bicycle, or take a bicycle cab ;) well… In the next second Linnea and Kine were on their way in a bicycle cab ! Nohoch Mul is 42 meters and the only Maya pyramid you are allowed to climb. It was steep on the way up, but oh my God it was steep on the way down! Finally at the top you can enjoy the amazing view!

How did the Mayas make this so long ago?

Pia and Kine climbing down

Pia down from Nohoch Mul at last

Bicycle cab back and we drove to the alltournative- base. Here we could buy a cd with photos that had been taken in the jungle. The whole group took a shoot of Tequila and our jungletrip was over : )

That doesn’t mean it was time to go to bed… It was a Friday! I ended up going to Kitxen, Bali and Blue Parrot. “ life is short, but the night in Playa del Carmen is long” as they say… I do have to admit I was very tired when I climbed into bed at 6 in the morning…


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